Dr. Brandt's Pores No More

I have combination skin that at times can become the bane of my existance, really. I need to moisturize my cheeks before they become dry and tight feeling, but too much moisture turns my slightly oily t-zone into an oil slick. Throw in a little change of the weather (like fall), and I'm very prone to shininess. I try carrying around blotting papers, powder, and I've tried nearly all of the mattifiers on the market without improvement. Until now! I do not know how I survived all of those years without this product. This is the mattifier that actually works people! Apparently someone even did a clinical study on it, and immediately oil is decreased by 63%!

This stuff is easy to use. 1 pump is enough for your entire face. It's a medium nude tone liquid, the consistency is somewhere between Ranch Dressing and A1 Sauce (I know, I know.... I couldn't think of any other way to describe it!). Don't worry about the color, once it's applied you can not see it (even on my lightest shade of MAC foundation skin!). It does smell quite a bit of Witch Hazel, but the smell is gone once the liquid has absorbed into your skin. It has an interesting feel, almost like talcum powder instead of a liquid. As you spread it onto your face, any oil literally disappears before your eyes, leaving behind smooth, virtually poreless, matte skin! I've had no issues with applying makeup over the Pores No More, in fact my foundation has been applying much more smoothly and I spend less time blending each morning. While the directions state that you can reapply over your makeup throughout the day, I have had no shine late into the evening!

The Active Ingredients
flax seed oil (linum seed extract): reduces oil production.

pro dimethysilanediol salicylate (same family as salicylic acid): soothing anti-inflammatory ingredient that restores pH balance in the skin, absorbs oil and prevents future breakouts.

tea tree oil: is an anti-bacterial, lipid soluble, non-irritating, and clarifying ingredient making it exceptional for treating blemished acne prone, and/or oily skin.

If all of that isn't reason enough to run out and buy this product right now, Karen over at Makeup and Beauty Blog recently attended the Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend Show where top makeup artists from MAC, Chanel, Clinique and Philosophy told all the ladies that the next trend will be Matte Skin! Ack! If that doesn't strike fear in the heart of those of us with shiny t-zones, I don't know what will!

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  1. I actually have this stuff to but haven't used it yet! now, i for sure will!!!!


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