I thought a more complete explanation of the disclosures on 15 Minute Beauty was in order.

15 Minute Beauty complies fully with the latest FTC Guidelines regarding disclosure, which means you'll see 3 (!!) disclosures on each post that has a relationship to disclose in any way, and all of those will be buttons to go back to this page. There will be 1 button on the very top of the post, 1 in the middle of the most info on the product, and 1 at the end.

Note that while I do have relationships with these companies, I try very hard to be as objective as possible and provide info that my readers expect to read on my site. My integrity is everything, and what would my site be if you couldn't believe anything I wrote?

Things to disclose:

 photo boughtit.png
I really do buy a lot of items, especially for the look tutorials. I probably won't actually use this button too often because it isn't required and feels a bit too much like clutter, but I do buy a LOT of products.

 photo productprovided.png
You will see on a lot of posts. I try very hard to keep the samples away (I accept under 5% of offers to send me a sample of a product), but there are definitely items I want to review and can't get on my own. A lot of these items are not available yet to the public, but some just are hard to find in my area. Not everything that is sent to me gets reviewed. I find reviews that are negative just... not fun to read. And not at all fun to write. So, I mostly write about items I liked or loved. I will write about products I don't like as much, though I rarely trash products, there are very few bad products out there these days. Instead, there are just products that are a bad fit. So, that moisturizer might not work for my combination skin, but would be a great option for someone with dry skin.

 photo formalrelationship.png
There are a few brands that have enlisted me as a "brand ambassador", which is something I've done for a few years but haven't 100% figured out. Typically this means that I get info on releases in advance, so I can share that with you. There is 1 brand (Nivea Lip Care) that actually pays me to do this, which is kind of amazing to me because I was going to do it for free. I have only signed up for ambassadorships with brands I love and would be covering anyways!

 photo sponsoredpost.png
To me, a sponsored post is a regular post (written by me, my wording, my opinions), but the brand pays me to ensure that the product does appear on the site, and with their timeline.

 photo affiliatelinks.png
I'm not currently using affiliate links, though I might in the future. I'll use this disclosure if I do.

Currently all of my ads are through BlogHer with Google AdSense as backup. I have no direct contact with anyone about these ads.
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