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4th of July Sales!

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The Best 4th of July Sales

It's one of those big shopping weekends again, and the sales are somehow even bigger? I'm creating a giant list of all of my favorites here! If you know of an amazing deal that I haven't listed, let me know and I'll add it!

As well, I've listed how much money you can get back from Ebates at many of these store. If you haven't used it before, you can learn more about how Ebates works in this post. You can sign up with my Ebates referral link, and after your first $25 purchase you'll get a $10 bonus!

7 For All Mankind
Summer Sale, up to 50% off
3% Cash Back with Ebates

AG Jeans
Up to 40% off new favorites
6% Cash Back with Ebates

Ann Taylor
50% off sitewide with code BEACHY
2% Cash Back with Ebates

Extra 30% off sale items

Up to 70% off sale items
2.5% Cash Back with Ebates

Many styles added to sale
6% Cash Back with Ebates

Banana Republic
40% off regular priced items with code BRNEW
Extra 50% off sale
4% Cash Back with Ebates

Barney's New York
Up to 75% off in Designer Sale
6% Cash Back with Ebates

Save 25-50% on a large selection of items
2% Cash Back with Ebates

40% off your purchase through 7/2 with code JULY
Summer Sale up to 50% off
6% Cash Back with Ebates

Extra 50% off sale with code SALETIME
3% Cash Back with Ebates

J.Crew Factory
50% off everything + extra 50% off sale with code FOURTHFUN
3% Cash Back with Ebates

Summer sale items up to 70% off

Last Call
Extra 70% off Clearance
4% Cash Back with Ebates

Up to 50% off past season favorites
3% Cash Back with Ebates

50% off everything with code SPARKLER
4% Cash Back with Ebates

10-20% off (department specific) with code FOURTH
Give $3 and take an extra 25% off instead!
Huge 4th of July Sale
6% Cash Back with Ebates

25% off sale and final sale with code GETLIT
5% Cash Back with Ebates

Free 2 piece set of Lip Glide when you spend $50+, use code NARSPOP
5% Cash Back with Ebates

Neiman Marcus
Up to 70% off in huge designer sale!
25% off a selection of full priced sunglasses through 7/2 with code NMSUNNY
3% Cash Back with Ebates

Old Navy
Entire store up to 60% off
6% Cash Back with Ebates

Rag & Bone
Extra 30% off sale through 7/4 with code JUNESALE17
5% Cash Back with Ebates

New sale styles added, up to 70% off
2% Cash Back with Ebates

Stuart Weitzman
Up to 50% off in sale
5% Cash Back with Ebates

Extra 40% off one item or extra 50% off two or more in sale
2% Cash Back with Ebates

Tory Burch
Extra 30% off sale with code EXTRA30

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Save Money on Makeup, Really

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Best Ways to Save Money on Makeup and Beauty Products

I can not be the only one who gets frustrated with sales. I get all excited about big sales, 15-20% off everything! And then I read the fine print. Beauty products are always excluded. If any are included, it's a strange scent of a candle, or maybe a gift set of the fragrance your grandma likes. Not that lippie you've been wanting to splurge on (here's the lipstick I'm currently coveting).

Well, it turns out that you can get a discount on makeup. Actually, you can get a discount on everything you buy at many stores online, the answer is Ebates. The discount works for that great mascara you can't live without, your favorite splurge foundation and even the new Urban Decay eye shadow palette everyone is talking about.

Note that I just posted links to Sephora, Neiman Marcus, ULTA, Macy's... Yes. Ebates works at all of those. They actually partner with about 2000 name brands. Sites like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, bareMinerals, MAC Cosmetics, philosophy, Sigma Beauty, BH Cosmetics, e.l.f. Cosmetics, IT Cosmetics, Kat Von D Beauty, Mac Jacobs Beauty, NARS Cosmetics, Stila Cosmetics.... the list goes on and on. And those are only the traditional beauty sites!

Ebates is pretty easy to use. You sign up, and then use the links on their site to head to the store you want to shop at (note that that is very important, without this step they won't know you purchased anything). Everything is tracked for you. When you purchase, you'll get Cash Back automatically every 3 months via a check or PayPal.

One of the best parts of Ebates is that they have limited time offers, such as double cash back! Here are a few special offers for this weekend only:

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics - was 4%, now get 8% Cash Back
Macy's – was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
bareMinerals - was 4%, now get 8% Cash Back
Athleta - was 2%, now get 4% Cash Back
Overstock - was 2%, now get 4% Cash Back
JCPenney - was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
Kohl's - was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
JCrew - was 1.5%, now get 3% Cash Back
Walmart - was 1%, now get 10% Cash Back

Note that the cash back is in addition to sales and special offers. If you're shopping online sales this weekend, you'll want to join Ebates now! If you join through my Ebates link, you'll get a $10 Welcome Bonus after your first purchase of $25 or more.

Featured in this morning's Best of Bobbi Brown post are some of my favorite products from Bobbi Brown. You can combine the double cash back with the free sparkler set for a $50+ order through the weekend!

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The Best of Bobbi Brown

I Bought It, Affiliate Links

The Best Makeup from Bobbi Brown

I love Bobbi Brown. As I've gotten older (yes, I'm about to turn 40, I think I likely qualify as old. Or Old-ish.) I've found that their products work even better for me. I've pulled together a list of favorites, and believe me, it was hard to pare it down this much! I was pulling stuff out of drawers and off of my vanity... so many of my daily go-to products are from Bobbi!

Bobbi Brown Must Have Products

1. Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

This is a well pigmented eyeliner, and it works really well when you smudge it right into your lash line. It stays put all day!

My favorite shade: Chocolate Truffle

2. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

I think of this as the "original and best" gel eyeliner. I dip the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush into the liner and then smudge it right at the base of my lashes. It creates a very defined line and it doesn't smudge.

3. Corrector
Buy it at Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

Bobbi Brown's concealer is a classic, and while I do like it, I tend to reach for the Corrector a lot more. It has a faint peach tint, just enough to cancel out my undereye circles. However, it is enough of a skin tone color that I can wear it alone, without needing to layer a regular concealer over it.

4. Skin Foundation Stick
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

This is one of my go-to products for work, I mentioned it in my 5 Makeup Basics for a Makeup Bag post. I just draw all over my face, then buff with a brush. It gives me perfect medium to full coverage concealer in about 2 minutes! I use Cool Sand as my shade, note that the Bobbi Brown site typically has the largest selection of shades.

5. Eye Shadow
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

Bobbi's shadows are just amazing. You can buy the big single pans (I recommend getting one of the empty palettes and filling it), but really I just go for the limited editions that come out in stores each season. I have found that they are beautiful colors and blend well. To get a slightly richer color, I do often use them with a glitter eyeshadow primer (the ELF one is my favorite).

Color shown: Grey

6. Smokey Eye Mascara
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

I mentioned this in my Favorite Splurge Mascaras post, this is my go-to non-waterproof mascara. It picks up every lash and keeps it looking long and curled all day long without smudging.

7. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

This shadow stick is super easy to use, just draw it over your eye and blend with a fingertip or shadow brush. It lasts all day and takes about 30 seconds to create an eye look.

The best shades: Pink Sparkle, Truffle, Nude Beach, Goldstone

8. Blush
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

I swear I've been using the same Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink since October and it barely looks touched. Don't let the shocking pink fool you, this pop of color creates just the right glow and it works whether you are super pale or very dark. It really works for everyone!

9. Bronzing Powder
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

This is a very pigmented matte bronzing powder, perfect for creating a sun-kissed look. I use Elvis Duran, which is the lightest shade.

10. Extra Lip Tint
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Sephora

Confession: I now own three of these lip balms. I carry them everywhere. Here's my original Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint review. I wear it in Bare Pink.

11. Art Stick
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

They recently came out with a liquid version of this stick, but I prefer the original version. It's a well pigmented and easy to use lippie, it lasts for hours. My favorite shade is shown here, Dusty Pink.

12. Shimmer Brick Compact
Buy from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Saks or Sephora

You can use it as blush or a highlighter, just vary the size of your brush to change up the application. My go-to shade is Pink Quartz, but it comes out in many different variations and some stores have exclusives.

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The Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Product Sent for Review, Sponsored Post

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Review

I first reviewed Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream in 2007 (yes, 10 years ago), right when it was being released. I was blown away by this super moisturizing face cream! It was full of peptides to improve collagen production. There was also a lot of hyaluronic acid to really help plump up the outer layers of your skin while it hydrated, something that it did without feeling heavy on your skin.

Since my initial review, I have been recommending this cream left and right. You're 20 and want to start anti-aging early? You want to prevent premature aging without irritating your skin? You want a cream to use with your retinoid? You want a drugstore cream? You want a department store cream? Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is the correct answer for each and every one of those situations.

How Does It Work?
Since I first reviewed it, Olay has made some minor adjustments here and there in the formulation. The list of active ingredients is even longer, and the cream is just... better. It's true!

I don't have the full ingredient list from the original Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. However, I do have the new list and I don't remember so many active ingredients.

• Amino-Peptide: This was my major attraction to the original. They increase collagen production in your skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are non-irritating and in my opinion should be included in everyone's anti-aging skincare routine.

• Niacinamide: This is a Vitamin B3 derivative and in skin care it boosts cell turnover, which improves your skin's tone and texture. It also helps with maintaining the moisture barrier, which is overall very important for your skin's health and function.

I need to be honest and say that the exact chemical structure of the derivative makes a big difference in skincare! The different derivatives will work, but some versions of niacin cause flushing and irritation of the skin. Typically you will find non-irritating niacins (usually niacinamide derivatives) in much more expensive skincare. Olay has included a non-irritating Niacinamide in Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

• Panthenol: A derivative of Viamin B5, you'll find this in a lot of soothing face products. It also easily penetrates into the skin, where it holds on to water and moisturizes the skin. Your skin will also use it to help create coenzyme A, which is very important to your skin's health, and it helps in wound healing.

• Vitamin E: A great anti-oxidant, it neutralizes the oxygen free radicals created by exposure to things like the sun and pollution. Over time, the free radicals can result in skin damage and premature aging. It also helps maintain your skin's moisture barrier.

• Olivem: A derivative of olive oil, it increases the penetration of anti-aging ingredients into the skin.

• Carob Seed Extract: Newly added to the formulation, this extract is also active in skin repair and regeneration.

• Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid: Two of my favorite moisturizers, they both hold a lot of moisture in to your skin but won't feel heavy or greasy. This is why the cream is able to plump up the outer layers of your skin so well! The result is a great smoothing and glowy skin effect!

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Review

What are the Results?
For me, my skin is well moisturized and feels smoother when I'm using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. My skin is combination, with dry spots on my cheeks and an oilier T-zone. However, it doesn't overwhelm my combination skin. You can see my skin above, right after I've washed my face and then about 5 minutes after applying the cream. Notice that the lines, especially right under my eyes, are much less visible almost immediately.

If you want more results, the Good Housekeeping Institute performed their own independent testing, and they found that Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream outperformed 10 top prestige creams, including one that cost $440. Their testing was well done, it was a blinded consumer study with the participants not knowing what cream they were using. They collected more than 10,000 hydration measurements!

• Olay's hydration was the best of the creams at the 3 hour time point. It had moisturized 400% better than a cream nearly 18 times its price and beat all other products tested.
• Olay increased moisture by 50% on average over a 24-hour period.
• In blinded tests, 80% of the participants preferred the feeling of Olay over the other creams. They reported that it felt "rich" without being heavy.
• Based on testing, they found that Olay Regenerist improved skin's texture by 10% in just four weeks.

• 1 day: reduces the appearance of lines, boosts hydration and brightness
• 2 weeks: Skin is noticeably firmer and skin elasticity is improved
• 4 weeks: Wrinkle appearance is improved

Who is it Best For?
It works for pretty much everyone. Whether your skin is dry or oily, the moisture in Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream just works. It soothes and hydrates my dry areas and it doesn't overwhelm my oily T-zone. I've used this cream in the middle of the winter and in the summer, both with great results. Because the active ingredients are all non-irritating and soothing, this is a cream that you can easily use every day to fight premature aging and get glowy skin. I love that it's at a price point that works for every budget.

How Does It Fit Into a Skincare Routine?
I especially love to recommend Micro-Sculpting Cream when someone is completely overwhelmed by anti-aging skincare. There are so many products out there, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed by gimmicky ingredients which have minimal evidence supporting anti-aging benefits. This is the perfect product to build an anti-aging skincare routine around.

In my ideal world, an "easy" anti-aging skincare routine includes:
• Sunscreen: Use it every day, look for broad spectrum coverage with at least SPF 30. Dermatologists all agree, this is the number one way to fight premature aging.
• Retinoid: There are many different retinoids, they are derivatives of Vitamin A. They'll increase cell turnover, improve your skin tone and have a lot of evidence supporting reversal of fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, even the over the counter versions can be very irritating to skin; and they aren't safe to use while pregnant.
• Peptides: Increase collagen production without irritating your skin.
• Anti-oxidants: Fight free radicals by neutralizing them before they cause damage to your skin.
• Hyaluronic Acid: Yes, a moisturizer. This is my favorite moisturizing ingredient to look for in skin care, it doesn't feel heavy and makes my skin well hydrated. Yes, it makes me look younger and it works almost immediately.

You'll notice that Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream checks 3 of those 5 boxes with just one product. It is the perfect product to build an anti-aging skincare routine around. Just add a broad spectrum sunscreen and a retinoid product, and you're set! Since retinoids can be irritating, especially when starting to use them, it is best to use them every other night and work your way up to every night if possible, layering it over a moisturizer to decrease irritation.

My usual recommendation to friends and family is to buy the Micro-Sculpting Cream, add a light sunscreen product each morning, and a retinol. Start the retinol every other night over Micro-Sculpting Cream, increase to every night when you are able.

For more information, go here to learn about Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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