Fiberwig Mascara

Fiberwig Mascara is a prime example of interent buzz creating a mad dash!

For a long time, Fiberwig has been the best-selling mascara in Japan. This summer it finally crossed the Pacific and found it's way into a Sephora near you! In short order the mascara was reviewed by Lipstick is my Crack and Beauty Snob (who, it turns out, had been importing the mascara from Japan for years), and it was perpetually out of stock in Southern California! I have friends who swear by this, and will order it 5 tubes at a time from Sephora. I only managed to get this mascara by being in line at Sephora in Michigan Avenue when they restocked the mascara display about 5 feet away from me.

This is *almost* Holy Grail Worthy mascara. Almost! Let's see how it measures up to other Holy Grail mascaras:

1. I want to look *almost* like I have on false eyelashes, but not quite. I want it all, length, fullness and I want my mascara to help my lashes hold the curl I put there.

This mascara certainly delivers on length. In fact, due to the little fibers in the mascara, it adds several millimeters onto the length of your lashes, for length that you won't get from any other mascara. If you want length, Fiberwig can not be beat!

However, it doesn't thicken your lashes at all, but it does hold its curl all day long.

2. I want my mascara to be easy to remove.
Despite all of the special fibers, it's really easy to remove this mascara with just a swipe of a cotton round with Lancome's Bi Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover

3. The mascara should not be flaky.
I haven't had any flaking issues

4. It should be easy to apply
As long as you pay attention to separating the lashes in between coats, this is pretty easy to apply and get good results.

5. It should be cheap and from the drugstore.
While not cheap, I do think the length from Fiberwig is worth the $19 price tag at Sephora. It's also available at for $12!

6. It shouldn't be clumpy.
No clumps, but this mascara is pretty easy to turn into very spidery lashes, which is not a look I like. I apply each layer and then brush out with my wire lash brush before applying the next coat.

Overall I do think that this is a good mascara if you're looking for length. The length is gives you is almost enough to overcome its other faults.


  1. I'm glad you reviewed this mascara! Fiberwig has been my favorite, and I've just finished a couple tubes. It's my favorite mascara EVER despite the other ten in my bag (yes, 10).

    I live in Taiwan and these mascaras are sold at local drugstores, so they're not that expensive as compared to the ones sold at Sephora.

    Anyway, I love your blog and I especially look forward to the other mascara reviews to come!

    [P.S.: If you'd like a more dramatic look with volume, try using L'Oreal's Voluminous first then coating on Fiberwig. Fiberwig is also great for brows...and it is washable, actually, and it removes with warm water and a little pressure.]

  2. hey love your site :)
    i've been wanting to try hopes that it will revamp my short, stick straight lashes...
    I wanted to ask, have you tried diorshow? i heard that's a good brand aside from fiberwig..


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