SpaSensials Moisturizing & Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hands and Feet

I have to admit that I'm becoming more and more of a germ-phobic person. I suppose that you would be too if you had my job, but that phobia is beginning to spill over into many of the choices I make in my "normal" life. Now, while I'm not lathering myself up in anti-bacterial gel every 5 minutes (there are some in the infectious diseases community that think this just selects for resistent bacteria), I am someone who tries to make good choices. One of those choices has been to not buy those gel gloves and socks that are in every store this time of year. I just look at those socks, imagine the sweat and heat building up, and the pseudomonas and staph multiplying like crazy... Yeah, not a pretty picture! I'm not putting my hands and feet into anything like that.

So, until now I've had to make do with very time consuming treatments. For my feet I've been using Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Foot Cream under socks overnight. On my hands I'll occasionally use my Paraffin Wax home treatment and my favorite hand cream, Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. While these treatments work, they take a lot of time and planning. I have to leave socks on overnight, the parrafin bath takes 4 hours to warm up and melt the wax, and the hand cream is great but not very intensive. Sometimes a girl just wants to be pampered but without the time commitment. Or, perhaps you have an event you need to wear your strappy heels to, but your heels are dry and cracked and you only have a few hours until the event...

Well, there's a new product line that is perfect to solve those problems! SpaSensials are disposable socks and gloves that have been infused with a deep conditioning treatment. All you need is 15 minutes! Just slip these on, continue to do whatever you're doing (though they are a bit slippery, please don't walk on tile and you likely won't want to do much with your hands). You can stop at 15 minutes, or leave these on longer if you want. Just throw them away when you're done! They are made out of paper-like material that reminds me a lot of some of the disposable things we use in the hospital, and they won't stand up to repeated uses.

So, do they work? I tried out both products for 15 minutes. The socks gave me soft feet that were similar to the way my feet feel when I've used my foot cream a few days in a row (a rare event, I usually only do this once every few weeks). The gloves gave me the same moisturized feeling I get from a paraffin wax treatment. I'm not going to stop using my lotions and paraffin wax bath. However, I think these are great when you don't have time to do your other usual treatments. They're also perfect for all of the holiday parties that you're sure to be rushing off to this year!

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  1. Some in the Infectious Diseases community?
    I think you'd be hard pressed to find
    *anyone* in the infectious diseases, microbiology, or even biology community that doesn't believe that overuse of antibacterial products is helping to build superbugs!

    Oh, and uh these gloves and socks look nice too :)


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