Power Wash your Face? Clarisonic Review

Clarisonic Review
I get a lot of emails from readers asking me for personalized products recommendations or for my opinion on products I haven't reviewed yet. A pretty decent proportion of those e-mails are about Clarisonic. What is it? Have I tried it? Is it worth the cost? Have you reviewed it? Can you review it?

It is expensive, and while I wasn't exactly running to the store to buy one for myself, I did have one on my Christmas list. Well, I've finally tried it out now, in a lucky (for me) twist, Clarisonic sent me one to test out for an honest review here. I do really love the Clarisonic. I think it's up to you to decide if it is worth the cost.

So, it's basically a little hand held brush that works exactly like the Sonicare Toothbrush. Push a button, the brush turns on for 60 seconds (which is enough time for your whole face if you follow their little time chart, you can turn it on again for more time), run the brush over your face in little circles. The bristles move more than 300x a second to help you cleanse your face. It's very easy to use, it's waterproof (I take it in the shower with me each morning) and the bristles easy fit around all of the contours of your face (even around your nose).

Clarisonic has lots of info on their website about how it helps to clean off more makeup (go checkout those forehead pics, they're pretty amazing), ultimately helping create smoother, cleaner skin and allowing your expensive treatment products to absorb and actually work! You can check out that info on your own.

I think that much like going between a normal toothbrush and the Sonicare, starting to use the Clarisonic is definitely addicting. You can feel a big difference in your skin with just one use. I'm not sure that this is due to exfoliation, though I'm sure there is a mild exfoliation with use. My skin feels soft and very smooth with the Clarisonic. I simply don't feel like it's buffing my skin like crazy, like with other handheld devices (Neutrogena Wave or Healthy Skin Rejuvenator).

It comes with a trio of gentle cleansers to try out with the Clarisonic. You can use your own cleanser with it (the only caveat being that it must be thick enough to work with the bristles), but there is sure to be one for everyone included.
• Gentle Hydro Cleanser: This is a rich, moisturizing cleanser with a light foam
• Refreshing Gel Cleanser: The name says it all, definitely light and refreshing
• Nourishing Care Cleanser: This one doesn't have any foaming, but is probably the most moisturizing of the three

I just feel more clean with Clarisonic than when I use my hands or a washcloth. This little machine is incredibly addicting, I can't tell you how much I missed it last week when I was in Miami! I may not have bought it for myself, but I have already bought replacement heads for it. I intend to use it for a long time!

Clarisonic Review



  1. Thanks for the review! I have a couple questions: Do you just put your normal face wash onto the brush? would you exfoliate in addition to using the clarisonic? Overall, do you like it better than the Neutrogena wave? Thanks again!

  2. You can definitely use any face wash you want. The only caveat being that it must be thick enough to stay on the brush, but most cleansers should be fine.

    I would exfoliate in addition to using the Clarisonic, but not on an everyday basis. More like every few days or once a week should be good.

    I do like it better than the wave, which has been relegated to a drawer in my bathroom for a few months (well before I got the Clarisonic), while the Clarisonic has been used twice a day since I got it.

    Hope that helps!

  3. oooh, i've wanted to try this for so long!

    great post

  4. This might be a silly question, but is it safe to use this during pregnancy? Thanks!

  5. I've just found out that I'm pregnant and was wondering whether it's safe to continue using my Clarsonic. I couldn't find any info on their website about this and am still a little concerned. Have you spoken to the manufacturers ref. its safety?

  6. The Clarisonic is fine during pregnancy. It's not any different than using a regular brush. Really, anything that has light/lasers or electricity (like the NuFace) is something to avoid, but deep cleaning brushes are ok.

  7. Thanks so much for putting my mind at rest! I adore the Clarisonic and would hate to have to stop using it!

  8. Hi Christine,
    I'm pregnant and am using my Clarisonic on my face but I have the version which also comes with a body brush, which is a bit bigger and not as gentle as the facial brush. I wouldn't use it on my bump, but is this still safe to use on my legs and chest?
    Thanks so much!


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