Cover Girl Outlast Lipcolor

In the past I have been very disappointed with long wear lipsticks. I seem to have issues with flaking and uneven wear (resulting in the dreaded "dark lipliner" look from the 1980's after a few hours), making long wear lipsticks not very wearable. Until recently that is!

Cover Girl has completely reformulated their Outlast Lipcolors to improve the wear, increase the color selection and improve the top coat. I can not even begin to tell you how great these Lip Colors are now! There are 41 shades to pick from, which means that everyone will find a shade that works for them.

These lippies are very easy to use- simply apply the liquid basecoat on dry, clean lips (careful around the edge of your lip!), being sure to get an even coat. Let it dry, and you are set for 16 hours! You can reapply the top coat as often as you would like, and your lips will hold up to pretty much any food, drink, talking, etc. The top coat is shiny, non-sticky, is vanilla flavored and feels hydrating though I admit that I would like it to last longer. I generally reapply about every 1-2 hours.


Like many of you, I'm still a lip gloss girl at heart, which means I'm not really too excited about using an opaque lip color. Well, I think the best way to use this product is as a lip stain! Really!

Once you have applied the color blot quickly, removing about half of the color on your lips. You may need to apply (and blot off) a second coat of the color in order to ensure an even coat. You can see from my picture here (this is the color on the right above, I believe this is Blossom #543) that the color is much lighter but does have some nice translucency making this a much more modern look.

Applying the Outlast as a stain does decrease the wear time, but I got a good 12 hours out of my Outlast lipstain on Monday (12 hours of "optimal," just looks like I applied it color. The next 4-6 hours the color was there, but faded. This is despite 2 coffees, lunch with an orange, lemonade and dinner) without uneven wear, flaking or other issues. Just pick a color darker than what you would like but in that color family to get the look you would like.

Cover Girl Outlast Lipcolor


  1. Great review! I was thinking about picking one of these lip colors up the last time I was at Target. Maybe I'll give it a try since I've been looking for a nice lip stain.


  2. Oh wow... I'm going to pick one up the next time I'm in CVS. I'd never stopped to check them out...Thanks for the post.

    Mischo Beauty

  3. I've been doing that with Revlon ColorStay for a couple of years now - I scrape off as much as possible off the applicator before applying one coat. I'm a redhead, and anything strong-coloured looks startling on me, and not in a good way! I don't bother with the horrible sticky gloss that comes with it; I use a nice lipgloss that looks moist and not shiny, as I don't want that Patent Leather Lip Look.

    I've got about four perfect colours in the Revlon range, I'll have to try the Cover Girl range now. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I tried Covergirl Outlast once a few years ago, but I quickly decided never to use this product again because of how dry it was and how quickly the top coat fades and you have to reapply. I just found it overall way too drying. If Outlast really has been reinvented since the last time I used it, maybe I should pick some up again. I would love to find a lipstick that doesn't come off on cups, utensils, and my husband's lips/cheeks ^_^


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