Thermaclear: Does it really work?

You may have noticed that quite a few beauty bloggers have been "wishing" for blemishes lately as many of us have been test driving the Zeno or Thermaclear devices. Well, for the last month or so I've had the Thermaclear sitting in my bathroom (no, they didn't give it to me, I have it on loan for a month, I have to ship it back). So yes, even I have been wishing for blemishes!

While I didn't have any major blemishes over the past month, I did have quite a few smaller ones and you can bet that I used the Thermaclear on them as soon as they popped up!

Well, did it work? I think it definitely worked!

Many of the small blemishes I used the Thermaclear on were only present that day, I tried to treat them a second time the next day and couldn't find them! (You really are supposed to treat again within a few hours. I was treating in the morning and at night when washing my face, brushing teeth, etc.) This is not normal for me, usually these blemish will stick around for a few days.

So, how does this little thing work? Simply turn it on and select your desired level (high or low, I used low until I was used to the feeling of the device and then I just left it on high). Wait for it to stop blinking, indicating that the machine is ready. Place it on your blemish and hit the start button! The machine with "zap" you, it is about a 3 second impulse. Thermaclear says it feels like a "pinprick", but I do not think so. It's more intense than that. There is definitely strong heat for the first second or so, and then it fades. The area was slightly red afterwards, but that is it!

If you're thinking about changing your acne treatment, this might be a great option for you. The cost of all those special cleansers and treatment products probably add up to a $149 Thermaclear device pretty quickly. Many people consider the Zeno versus the Thermaclear, and I have 1 thing to point out: Thermaclear has a treatment tip that they recommend you replace once a year (for $19.95), but the Zeno (which I have not tried) has tips that are only good for a certain number of treatments. A 150 treatment tip is $55! This really just blows me away. The tips are also somehow triggered so the device won't work if your treatment tip is "out." For me, the choice between the two products is pretty easy.

A word of warning- Thermaclear is not for you if you have cystic acne or your skin is really sensitive. For me, it definitely worked, it might be worth a shot for you!



  1. I noticed you said that it doesn't work for cystic acne. Would this work for whiteheads?

  2. It also shouldn't be used on whiteheads. it weems to work best the earliest you can use it, so hopefully it would prevent something from turning into a whitehead...

  3. Why wont this work for cystic acne? Do you have a warning from the company itself? Please let me know. Thank you!

  4. Could you please provide me with details on why this is not advisable for cyctic acne? Has the company itself provided this warning? Pleas Let Me Know!

  5. Could you please provide me with details on why this is not advisable for cyctic acne? Has the company itself provided this warning? Pleas Let Me Know!

  6. I tried this product and did not like it I sent it back within my free 30 day trial and they charged me anyways and wont return my money.

  7. I just started using it for my hormonal acne. Its the only thing that seems to work. I would suggest it to anyone who get large cystic acne...just try to zap it before it really starts to get big. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT, it has totally saved me ;-)

  8. I love my Thermaclear. I have generally clear skin. My pattern (for years) was to get one *huge* zit per month (hormonal) that started as a big painful red bump and then usually turned into a nasty whitehead. No cream or lotion could touch it. I just had to hope it would turn up in a not-so-bad place (i.e. under my chin instead of in the middle of my forehead).

    Now, I can zap it before it really forms. I truly haven't had a zit anyone could see since I got this thing. You do have to zap each zit individually, and it does hurt. It's not terrible, but if you were doing it to your face over and over, it wouldn't be fun. So if you had a lot of acne, it might not be practical.

    But for that once in a while monster zit that you can feel coming, it's awesome.


  9. Let me try this. Does it goes well to any types of skin?


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