My Current Lip Gloss Obsession: Clinique Black Honey

clinique black honey lip gloss, sephora exclusive, review
Clinique's Black Honey is like Nar's Orgasm or OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress. It's one of those iconic, classic makeup shades that seems to work on a lot of people and is perpetually mentioned in lists of cosmetic favorites. Black Honey is usually found as the Clinique Almost Lipstick, a semi-translucent gloss-lipstick hybrid. Clinique describes the shade as "Deep blackened raisin", but it definitely looks different on almost anyone that wears it.

I had heard from friends that Black Honey existed as a gloss, but had never actually seen it in person or on-line. It isn't listed even on Clinique's website. I loved the Almost Lipstick version, but on my pale skin it was just too much, I knew a gloss would be better.

Well, I found the gloss when I was in Seattle last week! It turns out that it's a Sephora Exclusive, and it just hasn't been in any Sephora I've ever been to before. I snatched a tube up (and you can get yours on the Sephora website if you want it too). I couldn't wait to try it out, I was opening the box as I walked out of the store.

You can see from the swatch above that the color is definitely more translucent than the Almost Lipstick (if I can find my Almost Lipstick of it I'll post comparison pics, it's around here somewhere). It is a berry color but with a bit of purple thrown in. It's perfect for punching up my natural lip color. Something is obviously there, but it isn't too dark with my skin tone, it's just really pretty. Not to mention the gloss itself has great shine, isn't sticky, has no taste and lasts for hours. All of which are must haves in my book.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss at Sephora


  1. They have the gloss at Sephora in our local mall. I noticed it last week when I was there looking for a birthday present for a friend, though I didn't try it out.

  2. I got a sample of this from Sephora and I'm thinking to get the actual tube. I really like it!

  3. Moni- It showed up at our Sephora right after I bought mine out of town. So much time looking, and now it is available about 3 miles from my house! Oh well!

  4. ooooh, thanks for posting this, I had no idea there was a gloss version now! I don't really wear my Almost Lipstick version because I don't love the texture as much as gloss and the color is not translucent enough for me. Awesome! I see a trip to Sephora in my future...

  5. wow, very good lip gloss ...

    great review about this product

  6. This product is brilliant....Has anyone tried it with healing balm..truly brings out the color and shine.

  7. i bought mine two months ago and I absolutely love it! The shine is amazing and the colour is simply beautiful. It looks very natural and that is what i like

  8. Black honey or dark raisin seems like shades that will suit the dark tones skin types I think.They should be a mixture of plum and chocolate.

  9. the color looks perfect, it didn't appear in my country yet, but I can't wait :)

  10. Eh I'm not a fan of berry shades, but the name is excellent!

  11. I'm using this color but in the Almost Lipstick. I adore it.


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