Smell-free Sunless Tanning: It Is Available!

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Updated 4/28/2010: I'm republishing this post as an update! Antidote has changed their name to Beautisol and I have a new discount code to share with everyone. The product itself has not been changed, thank goodness! Just some pretty new packaging and a great new website! Check out the packages under weddings, they have amazing deals to get your whole wedding party tan, I was amazed.

I have to admit that I'm afraid of sunless tanning. As a pale, Irish girl, I tend to turn orange or an unnaturally dark color that just doesn't look right. I'm not patient enough to apply sunless tanner correctly and I usually don't wait long enough before I get dressed. Yes, most of these issues are my fault, but you can still see why it took about 6 weeks before I tried out this new sunless tanner that had been sent to me.

Beautisol was created by Sinead, the Self Tanning Queen (check out her site). She's a licensed aesthetician and had a big on-line presence already in Self Tanners before she decided to create her own line. They started with what most of use see as the worst part of self-tanners: the smell! They worked with a fragrance house in Europe who created a special ingredient to counteract the smell of DHA (the active ingredient in all self tanners). This special technology is called Smell Right, which you have to admit really gets the point across. They also created an amazing body scrub to go with it!

How did they do? Find out more after the jump.

When I finally did try out this self tanner, I was very impressed. First, I checked out their self tanning how-to videos, which helped me to get a little bit over my fear of self tanners.

To help prepare, I used the Go Slough Yourself scrub 2 days in a row (I don't often exfoliate my body, so I did 2 days first. If you exfoliate a lot, you likely don't need to do this). Why was this important? Watch this little Dr. Schultz video to find out.

Now that you know why you want a nice smooth surface for your sunless tanner, you'll understand why a good scrub is important. The Go Slough Yourself scrub really is fantastic. It is both a physical and chemical scrub (it has Salicylic Acid, a hydroxy acid as well as nicely even beads), and it is just thick enough to be easily spread but not so thin that you wonder why you are bothering. Most importantly it doesn't leave an oily film behind after rinsing- very important for tanning!

The Sunless Glow tanner itself comes in a pump, which eases application. You get 2 pairs of gloves with the tanner, though I don't recommend reusing them. The color was easy to spread and since it is already dark you can see how even the application is and where you've missed a spot. I forced myself to wait the recommended "few minutes" (I waited about 20, though probably 5 or 10 was enough) before putting on PJs and heading to bed. I didn't see anything rub off on sheets or clothes, and the next morning I had a great glow after my shower! It was actually natural looking, a great light bronze color. Oh, and did I mention there was no smell?

I'm expecting to see this on many a "Best of 2009" list. Check it out if you need a new self tanner!

Discount code for 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Readers: 20% off with 15minbeauty at checkout!

Disclaimer: I received a free sample


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  2. Great Article where can I buy this product?

  3. I am really interested in this... how many applications do you think you could get out of each bottle, and how many days would you go between applications? I think I'd want to order the gradual one because I'm pretty pale.. Thanks!

  4. Jane- You can but it at their website, the link is above.

    Sasha- I am also really fair. When I reviewed it this fall I did 2-3 days between applications and then about once a week to maintain for a month or so. I think I used a little over half the bottle, but I was pretty much only doing my legs. I'm going to test the gradual tanning one soon, I'll let you know what I think!


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