Solise: The Sunscreen You Wash ON

Solise, Sun screen, Hand Wash, Body Wash, ReviewOk, I admit that December might seem like a strange time to be writing about sunscreen. But, it really isn't. Remember that a large portion of the country is not sitting in their living rooms with tons of snow outside (like me), and some are in outright sunny areas. But, the sun still sneaks through those clouds and even worse get reflected around by the snow, probably actually increasing your sun exposure.

Having said all of that, today I wanted to discuss a really cool sunscreen product that will take no extra steps in your daily routine. Yes, really. Solise was created by a guy in Arizona that wanted to encourage his kids to use sunscreen. But, he was smart, he realized that they wouldn't take the time to apply a separate product.

So, years of testing and even enlisting the help of a chemist next door (really) finally resulted in the Solise products. They come as a body wash or hand wash (I tried out the hand wash), and both will provide UVA/UVB coverage with SPF 15 once used. As in, the sunscreen stays on your skin. How cool is that??

The hand wash that I tried out had a sunscreen scent and feel, but did have a light lather and seemed to wash my hands pretty well. It rinsed off easily, and I had no greasy feeling afterwards. I couldn't even smell the sunscreen on me once I was done.

This product is perfect for those that are either trying to avoid applying suncreen in the first place (so yes, the inventor's children were the perfect users!) or are really into insuring that they are always protected. Remember that with sun exposure the chemicals will break down and you'll need to reapply, but as a starting point, this is one less step each morning. In addition, our hands are one of the first places that we start to age yet almost none of us try to prevent aging on our hands with a simple sunscreen application. Simply replace the soap in your kitchen or bathroom with Solise and you'll be protected!



  1. genius! Here's hoping it makes its way to Asia sooner or later. *sighs*

  2. Wouldn't this wash away with water? It seems like a great idea...but I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical!

  3. That's an awesome idea! I'm actually surprised someone didn't think of it sooner!


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