Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara Review

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara ReviewI'm not sure that there has ever been a rush for a drugstore mascara like the mad rush on Makeup Alley's Makeup Board for Cover Girl's new Lash Blast Mascara.

This mascara is another in their line of mascaras that promise curl, length and volume all from a plastic brush. The brushes are very different from the typical nylon bristle mascara wands. Instead, the brushes are made of rubber and plastic, and promise to keep your lashes from clumping with their more evenly spaced bristles. The Lash Blash wand is a bit different from other Cover Girl mascaras however. If you look at the inside of this wand picture, you'll notice that the inside of the wand is quite a bit fatter than other mascaras. The idea is that the mascara is pushed out further, depositing more on to your lashes.

Does it work? I've heard varying (but mostly good) reviews from others. I personally really love this mascara and I do feel that it's Holy Grail Mascara for me!

1. I want to look *almost* like I have on false eyelashes, but not quite. I want it all, length, fullness and I want my mascara to help my lashes hold the curl I put there.

Yup, it works! The volume is fantastic, curl stays put and the length is great!

2. I want my mascara to be easy to remove.
Removal can be a bit of an issue with this mascara. It looks like it's completely removed, then you wake up the next morning with smudges under your eyes. I've taken to removing it, then taking another cotton round with eye makeup remover and removing a second time just in case. With this method I get it all off.

3. The mascara should not be flaky.
I haven't had any issues with flaking or smudging.

4. It should be easy to apply
The only trick to this mascara is that the handle is very big, and holding it is a little bit awkward at first. I tend to get better results when I do a bit of extra wiggling back and forth during application.

5. It should be cheap and from the drugstore.
Yup, cheap and from the drugstore, the only issue seems to be finding it right now! The mascara doesn't seem to be in stock at very many places yet, and it seems to sell out quickly at stores that do carry it.

6. It shouldn't be clumpy.
The special brush really does seem to help prevent clumps while giving you long, lush lashes!


  1. I seriously think that drug store mascaras are 1,000 times better then those expensive, fancy ones... apparently, it's all about the wand and companies like cover girl and revlon have patents on their awesome wands!

    I cannot WAIT to try this one!!!

  2. I was really disappointed in this one. The wand is good, but the product made my eyes sting and they were gunky the next day. If you have sensitive skin, skip this product.

  3. actually too faced lash injection was comparatively better than this one. gave same results but less flaking.

  4. I REALLY liked this one
    it seperated my lashes so well!
    I used to use VolumeExact and I decided I might as well try this one..
    well it was worth it!
    They give similar results but this one has double amount of product in it (for the same price as VolumeExact... Not sure why?)


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