Poshe Topcoats and Basecoats: Can They Fit into Your Manicure Routine?

poshe top coat and base coat review
I'm sure a lot of you know by now that I love nail polish and nail products. I admit that I'm frequently on the nail board over at Makeup Alley (though I comment a lot less now than I once did), and I have a huge nail polish collection.

I am pretty picky about what products I use. I expect to do a manicure quickly (I can get from polish removal to the end in under 10 minutes), I want my manicure to dry in under 10-15 minutes (at least to the point that I can do basic things, I don't expect to put on gloves), I want nice shine and I want 5-6 days of wear despite the rough things I do with my hands.

I have posted my manicure routine before, though that was a few years ago and I'm always up for revisiting products or tweaking my routine. So, while I had tried Poshe before, problems with shrinkage persisted and it wasn't a regular product of mine. They recently asked me to give it another try, this time paired with their base coat.

So, I set out on a massive trial process. I've been using the two products exclusively in combination with other brands. I've used them with OPI, Essie, China Glaze and Zoya nail polishes. I've added or deleted my Barielle treatment products. How did it go?

It went pretty well actually. I'm not sure if it was because I was using the top coat previously with other base coats, but when used with the Poshe Base Coat, I have no shrinkage issues. I have great shine from the Poshe (equal to Seche Vite, which is fantastic). I can type on my computer or do other basic things about 10 minutes after completing application. Application itself goes well and I think the Poshe is a bit less viscous than SV, which I know a lot of people will appreciate.

Wear seemed to be a little bit of an issue. I can't add in a Barielle product, it cuts wear to 2 days. But with the Poshe top coat and base coat all manicures pretty much last 5-6 days without a chip in sight. (One exception is Zoya, which seems to only last 2 days or so, but I seem to have Zoya issues. I'm taking the advice of my friend Michelle over at All Lacquered Up who thinks Zoya does best with its own top and base coats. I'm trialling that now.)

Overall, I was pretty happy with the Poshe products. Great wear, nice shine, no more issues with shrinkage. All that and it's pretty fast drying. What more could a girl ask for?

poshe top coat and base coat review

Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat & Topcoat


  1. I just picked up a holiday basecoat, topcoat combo pack at ULTA on the clearance rack for $3.47. They had a ton of them left when I was there.

  2. This is fantastic, I am always looking for a good fast drying base and top coat. I will be trying them out.

    I have the same problem with Zoya too but I thought it was just my nails or something. Good to know that it's not just me.

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog and the sweet comment!

  3. I need to try that base coat. I just did my nails tonight, last step was the Posche Top Coat, of course. I could not find my regular ridge filling basecoat from Essie, so I resorted to the Essie 3-Way Glaze, which was really not a great idea. It was sort of gooey (can't remember how old it is) and it made my polish hard to adhere to it. Strange. It definitely taught me that I need a rel base coat to get teh perfect manicured look. Next up will be the Posche Base Coat. Hope Sally's has it!

  4. Great post. I would love to try poshe products but I don't think they are availiable in the UK

  5. I love this top coat by Orly. I currently am wearing my dark, dark purple Essie polish for almost three weeks with a few touch ups!!!!! The only reason for a manicure is that my nails are growing out! I an not sure if it is the combination of Essie and Orly, but it is amanzing! Tomorrow i will try it will OPI--you don't know Jacques.

  6. I'm always on the computer at work and am a recovering nail bitter so my nails chip pretty fast as well. I found the colors that last the longest on me with no base/top coat (I'm too lazy :( ) are Rescue Beauty Lounge and Cover Girl Boundless Color.


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