Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation: Naked to the Eye, Medium to Full Coverage?

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Today we'll be talking about one of my new favorite foundations, the HD Foundation from MUFE. This foundation gives easily buildable coverage that is virtually naked to the eye. Truly. Add in a good primer (like the MUFE HD Primer I discussed yesterday) and you really can't tell that any foundation is on the skin.

I apply the foundation with my fingers, a small amount starting on my nose and spreading out. The only blending needed is usually just a little swipe with a makeup sponge around my nostrils, and then I'm done. If I want more coverage (it's a light medium coverage with the way I apply it), I can add a second light layer to get to full coverage. The foundation lasts all day without any oxidation color changes, creasing or settling into fine lines/pores.

If you're going to check out this foundation I highly recommend seeing it in person first (for example, at your local Sephora). The are 26 different shades, and there are very minor variations in some of the formulas. Testing it really is important. Personally I came down to 3 different shades that would have been a "good" fit, and only picked one by group census with a few Sephora Makeup Artists (we all voted on which was the best, and the vote wasn't unanimous, the formulas were that close!) I love the shade I picked, but I couldn't have done this on-line!

Make Up For Ever


  1. I recently switched to the HD MUFE foundation from the MUFE Mat Velvet (which I still love). I am using the HD primer, HD powder and the HD concealer. It is a winning combination for me. Though, I absolutely can't stand the applicator on the concealer, but the product works well for my 50 year old fine lines under my eyes while still covering the dark circles. I hope MUFE changes the packaging on it.

  2. After reading this blog, I have decided to go to the mall tomorrow and buy these products ;) Thanks for the review

  3. Shrinky-
    I agree about the applicator on the concealer. It took me a while to get used to it, though the combination of the 4 products together is hard to beat! I'm saving my concealer review to include in a big concealer review series in a few weeks, but I love them all.

    Check out the powder and the concealer from the HD line while you're there! The powder really is a must have for over this foundation, and I've had great results from the concealer.

  4. I wonder if you'd like the supposed drugstore dupe of this: Revlon Photoready. It's the one with Halle Berry in the ads. I have it and love the medium to full coverage, and think it's pretty invisible to the eye but I think it's breaking me out. When I got matched in store for MUFE, they matched me with a color that's WAY too light (117) and all their other medium shades run yellow on me. Do you think you could share which shade you got and perhaps some other references in different brands so we have a good idea? Thanks! Loving these MUFE reviews, btw.

  5. Hi Christina!
    I have the Revlon already actually, I just need to write up a review. I bought it a few months ago and then it sat in my foundation/blush/concealer drawer until I got the MUFE. I do like it, though I find it a little harder to blend than the MUFE (turns out it doesn't like any of my blushes) and it is a little more obvious on my skin.

    I matched myself at Sephora for the MUFE, honestly because the girls that were working there that day were kind of... snotty? I don't know. It was strange. Yes, I'm a big pregnant lady, but I'm also standing there dressed well with an obviously expensive purse and a basket with tons of products to buy and they would rather talk about getting drunk. So, I did it myself and I was pretty happy with my match (I'm #120 in the foundation, #325 in the concealer).

    The Revlon I found harder to match. I bought one color, and I still think it is a bit too light for me. Even though it comes in a see through container, I do think the container is a little tinted, because what comes out looks different than what it is through the pump.

    Christine over at Temptalia does have something called the Foundation Matrix which is meant to find a starting point for matching foundation if that helps at all.

    Personally, I'm very hard to match as a super pale girl (Make Up Artist Jake Bailey told me I'm worse than Julianne Moore to find a foundation for!) I'll try to remember to include which colors I've bought and I'll start listing them in the "About Me" section at the top of the page so they're easier to find.

  6. I LOVE this foundation... It really does look absolutely gorgeous on my face and my skin has several issues going on.


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