Pinterest Challenge! Sockbun Curls and Aspiring to be Sherry

Pinterest Challenge, Sock Bun Curls
I've briefly mentioned my Pinterest addiction in the past (here's my Pinterest Boards in case you're curious). I discovered Pinterest through one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love. (My obsession with YHL has reached the point that when I have a new idea for our house my hubby first asks "is this from that blog again? That one you're trying to become?")

Well, recently over on YHL they announced that they were challenging themselves with a Pinterest Challenge. Rather than collecting pins, they would actually do one of the things they had pinned. I know. The interwebs are awesome.

I've decided that I'm going to participate as well! I went into my beauty board and found this pic that I had pinned. I must try out sock bun curls!

It was originally pinned by Amy from Life on Twentieth. Unlike most pins it doesn't link to the original source, but it looks like her hair, so I really think it must be her.

Read on for more about this hair do trial

But, there is a problem. Did you see what Amy had underneath the pic? It says "flat iron curls". Yes, they aren't that hard, but they are time consuming and don't last very long in my hair. I don't have much time (hence the name of this blog). But, when I pinned it from someone else, take a peek at what it said instead.

Sock bun curls??? WTF does that mean?

Obviously I had to watch the videos associated with this different method. They were created by Loepsie and while it looks like it might take a few tries to get the hang of it, I think it will definitely work.

I'm off to find a pair of socks. I'll post pics once I've gotten the hang of it!


  1. Aren't Lopsie's videos great! Thanks for posting this as I had not seen this one! I have done "sock curls" before where you roll the hair on the sock and tie it off. But, I haven't tried the sock-bun method! I adore no-heat/overnight curling as it is the *only* way curls will stay in my hair all day. I am totally going to try this too. I have a "bun form" from Sally's and I am going to see if this method works with that. Otherwise, I will be cutting up some socks tonight! :)

  2. Yes... That is my hair curled with a flat iron... However, I am totally going to try this sock bun method...
    Such pretty curls with no damage...
    Cheers from the beach!

  3. Pammy- Her videos are great! I hadn't heard of her before this, I'm definitely trying it out soon. I was just too overwhelmed to do it the night before call, so tomorrow. :D

    Amy- Your hair looks so amazing in that pic! I don't even know how many times people have pinned it, it's everywhere! Thanks for such a great pic, love your blog and have a great time on your vacation!

  4. I did this, and my curls looked nothing like the girls hair in the video. my hair is REALLY thick and wavy, so maybe instead of water, i should use some hair product to get my hair damp...? did anyone else have this problem, any ideas to make it work for thick frizzy hair?

  5. Yeah, it probably is the difference in your hair types that is the issue. My hair is a bit wavy, and super thick though fine in texture. I've done this a few times, though I haven't gotten it to turn out well enough yet to take pics of for the blog. I have a little bit of gel in my hair already and I get my hair a bit wetter to reactivate the gel. I try to make sure the sock bun is completely covered and that's it. My main issue is it seems to loosen quite a bit while I'm asleep so not enough of my hair gets curled. I think if my hair was longer without layers I'd have fewer issues.

  6. I have hair that's naturally wavy/curly but it gets so flat/frizzy when I sleep on it. Super excited to semi-blow dry my hair and give this is a shot! Not sure which will work best for me yet - sock curls or the sock bun, but we shall see!


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