Fast and Easy Perfect Beachy Waves. Really.

asy waves, jen aniston, wavy hair, style, rollers, white sands velcro
What do these girls all have in common? The perfect easy beachy waves. I love, love, love this style. It works for casual every day things like going to the store, works for going out, and you can even take it to the red carpet. There's a reason it has been Jen Aniston's Go-To hair style for so many years.

But, it can be surprisingly hard to achieve. There are a ton of tutorials on how to do this on-line, most involve a curling iron, a rounded 1" flat iron (which is kinda cheating since you are using it as a curling iron), or braiding wet hair. My issue with most of these is that rather than creating waves, I'm creating curls (which look more like Giselle does above, when I'd prefer to look more like Jen or Kate). In the case of braiding the hair isn't usually wavy, I end up with uneven kinks.

So, how to get actual waves that come out perfect each time?

easy waves, jen aniston, wavy hair, style, rollers, white sands velcro
I've found a great answer- it's these White Sands Velcro Strips.

The velcro strips are very versatile, creating pretty much any size velcro roller you want or the perfect wave. I've been using them on damp/mostly dried hair that I've sprayed Liquid Texture on to. I then take two velcro strips and put them around the hair (they have a net on the back to prevent them from sticking to your hair). They're about 12 inches long and have holes all along them to push the plastic sticks through. Then I create a wave by putting the stick through as shown on the right in the picture. I can use a pretty large chunk of hair in the velcro, and I use 3 pair for about half of my head. I then use my blow dryer on high to finish drying the hair, and remove when everything has cooled down. If I want to look a bit more polished I might use a curling iron on one or two small sections to add some curl in with my wave. I complete the whole look with a quick spray of White Sands Stuck-Up.

The result is hair that is wavy and stays that way all day! I can alter the waves by changing the way I've used the sticks (meaning, I can make the waves bigger or smaller), and the whole styling process only takes about 5 or 10 minutes.

White Sands Velcro Strips

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