The Race Wasn't Even Close: Conair's Newest Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer

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I've been timing myself during my morning routine quite a bit over the last week or so. Why? This new blow dryer is why.

This orange thing you see before you is Conair's latest Infiniti Pro dryer. I'm sure you are thinking to yourself, "Self, do I care about yet another Conair blow dryer? Don't they just change the color or the controls every few months? Do I care that it is orange now?"

So, the reason that I'm writing about this isn't because the Infiniti Pro is now Orange. I was pretty happy with my previous grey model.

(In full disclosure, the Conair Infiniti Pro has long been my blow dryer of choice, I simply upgrade every few years or if I do something to make mine unhappy at me. I like that it works well and seems to be pretty indestructible for the price. I've used much more expensive models, only to have them die after a few months. A Conair lasts me 2-3 years and costs usually in the $30-$35 price range, which makes it a steal.)

Anyways, so I got an email about the newest model, and even though my previous grey model is only about 18 months old, I had to have it. Truly. I needed it!

What's different this time around that made me decide I could put up with an orange blow dryer? The motor is different. Rather than the typical DC motor found in most "at home" dryers (including about 90% of Conair's models, I've literally spent an hour checking models on their site and over on Amazon and Target), this model has an AC motor. Why is this a big deal? Apparently AC motors are typically only found in professional (and expensive) blow dryers. The air current is apparently different, the heater will truly shut off with an AC motor if you use the "cool shot" button (apparently it doesn't full shut off if you have a DC motor), and the motor is also quite a bit quieter. AC motors are known to last longer than DC motors, and this one has been designed to be lighter than other models.

In addition to the different motor that had me so jazzed, this one also boasts the ion technology I like, and has even has ceramic paint on the grill to ensure even heating of hair. I also like that the controls are toggles rather than sliding switches (I've had issues in the past with those, they can be hard to move if you have wet fingers), and the cold shot button is easy to get to but not so much that I'll bump it a lot and keep making my head cold on accident. (Not that I've ever done that before...)

Anyways, so I've been timing myself. My old Conair Infiniti Pro has a 1875 watt motor with the ions and ceramic stuff too. The only difference really is the AC vs DC motor. With my old dryer I was consistently drying my hair in 11-13 minutes. The new dryer I'm at 7-9 minutes. The variation seems to depend on which styling products I've used that day. The new dryer is also a bit quieter. When you're like me (aka- not a morning person) those extra couple of minutes can make a huge difference in your life! About 4 extra minutes each morning is a big improvement.

The dryer does come with 2 different concentrators. One is a bit more flared and the other has holes in the side. I can't really tell that they work that much differently. My only (slight) irritation is that none of my previous Conair diffusers connect onto this dryer, and since it didn't come with one, I'll be keeping the old grey model in a drawer so I can easily get it if I decide to go curly for the day.

Conair Infiniti Pro 1875-Watt Salon-Performance AC Motor Hair Dryer


  1. Thanks, Christine for such an informative post. I'm looking for a new hair dryer and have am currently no longer loving the Conair I have. I found the AC motor information really useful!

  2. Thank you for this review! I am debating on purchasing this dryer as my old Conair 1875 is starting to smell like it is burning when I turn it on(I've had it for at least 10 years). I found one at Walgreen's with a bonus diffuser but it is $34.99. After this review I think I'll just buy it because it is a pain air drying thick curly hair in the winter.


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