Mommy Beauty: Addressing Post Partum Hair at the Salon

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Today, George Gonzalez, Salon Owner of the George the Salon in Chicago has tips on how to cope with the post part partum hair blues! He has some great recommendations, some of which I've already done (I've gone closer to my natural brown), wear frequently (the pony tail) and have been thinking about doing (a long bob? Maybe...)

Bobs are the easiest and most stylish way to maintain a great look while pregnant or soon after giving birth. Bobs can be cut a few different ways in order to accentuate your best features or to minimize a fuller face during the later months of pregnancy. In general, choosing a shorter length will make life easier. If you prefer long hair, I recommend growing out some of your layers. Trying to keep the style as simple as possible is your best option. Some bangs or face framing will add some shape. It will also when your hair starts to grow back. After you stop nursing you will experience some hair loss, which is perfectly normal. Bangs help with that as well.

As for color, soon after receiving the great news that you are expecting, I recommend heading toward your natural color; as it is the easiest to maintain. You may not have the opportunity to get to the salon for months. If you are a blond, I recommend getting fewer highlights and staying away from base softeners. You may want to go natural all together.

For styling, high ponytails are easy and can be very stylish.

George the Salon


  1. There can be mild or significant hair loss starting about 2 months postpartum so styles and products that create fullness may be handy too. This hair loss is often scary, but it actually is the sign that the body has recovered from the stress of delivery. It's called telogen effluvium and means the hair growth is back on. Hair growth rests when we are stresses by illness, delivery and other situations deemed by the body as stressful. Once the body feels the crisis is over it celebrates by turning hair growth back on. The 'old', resting hairs get kicked out of the hair follicles to make room for the new growing hairs. A massive shedding occurs that frightens everybody, so knowing it's coming and being prepared can help! Telogen effluvium is actually a good sign.

  2. Right on with the bob haircut. Those are easiest to dry and style. Thanks for posting.


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